These Are The Worst Restaurants In Yorkshire According To TripAdvisor

When you’re looking for a place to eat, the top criteria has to be that the food is actually enjoyable. For some, however, they don’t quite get what they’re looking for – and they take to TripAdvisor to entertain the rest of us with their scathing and often petty reviews. God bless the internet. We’ve rounded up the worst places to eat in Yorkshire according to TripAdvisor users. Don’t shoot the messenger, ‘cos hey, sometimes one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Frangoz, Bradford

TripAdvisor user nadeem k claims they were served “rotten lettuce”

Serving a mix of Chinese food and American food, good reviews on TripAdvisor are few and far between for Frangoz, with some calling it ‘a step above an average takeaway’. If only that was the worst of it. The majority of the restaurants TripAdvisor reviews sit under the rating ‘terrible’, with guests saying it’s the “worst restaurant should be banned” and other claiming they had to wait over an hour for their food, branding it was “disgusting”. Ouch.

Toro’s Steakhouse, Sheffield

TripAdvisor user Shokat N claims they couldn’t even finish their steak it was “that bad”, paying up and leaving without finishing

Doing what it says on the tin, Toro’s Steakhouse serves, well, steaks. “What could possibly go wrong”, I hear you say, and according to some visitors, a lot could go wrong. One user says “didn’t even make it inside” after pulling up, and another saying “worst steak I’ve ever had, vile”. The food has been described as looking like it’s come out of a microwave packet, with one guest describing his meal as “a lump of bland packet mash (described on the menu as buttery mash) with the “steak” slapped on top which looked a right mess. My “homemade” creamy coleslaw was Tesco value at best and had a hair in it”.

The Roundhay Fox, Leeds

TripAdvisor user Sammy1206 claims their pizza was “incredibly thin, tasteless and burnt”

Another restaurant with a lot of ‘terrible’ reviews to its name, The Roundhay Fox has some pretty disappointed customers. The pub serves traditional pub grub with an accessible price range, however, it seems that hasn’t been enough for some TripAdvisors, who have branded the food as “awful”. Common complaints have included cold food, with users leaving reviews such as “The tables around us all had problems with their meals , cold food, items missing and mains served before the starters, so this wasn’t a very good experience for them either.” and “Skip this place and get a sandwich from the supermarket”.

The Duke of York, York

TripAdvisor user joolz24601 labelled their club sandwich “disgusting”.

Set at York Station, The Duke of York has some pretty varied negative reviews, both about the food and the drink on offer. There’s nothing more a Yorkshireman could want after a long journey than a refreshing pint, however some guests’ bubbles seem to have been burst, with coffees described as looking like they’ve been pulled out of the River Ouse, and the wine described as tasting “like piss”. Savage. On the food front, guests complain of overpriced food and unclean premises in general, with reviews saying things like “badly cooked… soggy and tasteless” and “One member of the party has since described the meal as her worst experience of eating out!”.

The Star, Middlesborough

TripAdvisor user Rayzor1945 said it was “ok” for them.

Right by Teeside University, I imagine anyone would already have pretty low expectations. But apparently, reality can sometimes be much, much worse. Guests seem to have been burned on multiple occasions by The Star, with one user saying “vile food again”, and other reviews saying “Chef was too busy drinking his pint to even check what he was serving” and “Absolutely shocking service waited for 40 minutes for food then came out stone cold the place is un clean and the staff are less than helpful”.