Yorkshire Celebrities Entertaining Social Media Audiences During Coronavirus Lockdown

Yorkshire, presenters, actors and musicians are trying their best to keep us entertained during this lockdown issued by the government. Good old Yorkshire grit gets us through quite a lot and it will get us through this lockdown due to the coronavirus. That being said, social media is providing us with comedy gold in the meantime to keep us all going.

Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or your chosen social media has started to be most people’s haven away from the family during this lockdown that began this week. So, we have decided to see what some classic Yorkshire celebs have been up to, to keep you entertained, for a little bit longer.

Some classic Yorkshire entertainers have taken to Twitter to help us deal with the boredom of being bound in our homes. We have found some of our favourites and put them in front of you today. From West Yorkshire’s Patrick Stewart to North Yorkshire’s Bob Mortimer, sit back and enjoy a little bit of light entertainment and pass a few minutes before you return the reality of no bog roll or pasta.

Bob Mortimer- Train Guy

Patrick Stewart- Daily Shakespeare Readings

Jodie Whittaker- Dr Who Message

Gareth Gates- Toilet Roll Pandemic

Jeremy Clarkson- ‘Key Worker’