UK Expecting Heatwave With Highs of 26C This Week

Last week wasn’t that great with grey skies and rain, not ideal when you’re stuck inside during lockdown. But it seems this is about to change, highs of 26 degrees are expecting this weekend, which just happens to be a bank holiday also. So, either if you are stuck at home still or have the weekend off from work, it looks like it is going to be the perfect sunbathing weather.

Credit: Unsplash

The Met Office verified that 26 degrees “wasn’t out of the question” this weekend, which is great news for all. The rest of the week is going to be warm with the heat set to come on Friday where the temperatures will soar. If they do manage to hit 26 degrees it will match the hottest temperature recorded so far which was in Treknow, Cornwall last month.

Credit: Unspalsh

We do need to be smart this weekend, although the sun will be shining it is not an excuse to go to all your favourite places. Under Government guidelines, no one should be taking non-essential trips still. So have a BBQ, make a picnic in the garden. There have been a few cases increasing over the past few weeks. We reported yesterday how two motorcyclists had ridden from Rochdale to Whitby for some fish and chips, which we can all agree, although tasty, is not essential. 

So get down to your supermarket for a few extra beers, burgers and maybe some sausages and enjoy the weekends sunshine. Stay home, stay safe and stay smart.