7 Yorkshire Places That Will Make You Wonder How They Got Their Names

Everyone loves a funny name, and Yorkshire has plenty of aptly named places that fit in with its sense of humour (and we for one love it). During one of the many grey days we’ve had this month, we scoured the internet for some of the most entertaining names… Some we were well aware of, and some were complete news to us and gave us a cheeky laugh on a Monday afternoon.

We’re sure there are plenty of others out there and we’d love to hear them all, so if we’ve missed any get sending ’em over to us and let’s make this the greatest list of classic, funny place names in the Yorkshire county!

The Land of Nod, East Yorkshire

One place we all wish we were on a Monday, Land of Nod is a small hamlet in East Yorkshire. We wonder if the locals here are as sleepy as the name suggests. All I know is sitting at my desk right now, I’d love to be in the Land of Nod counting sheep.

Jingling Pot, North Yorkshire

Situated in Thornton in Lonsdale, Jingling Pot is a great turn of phrase Yorkshire folk in the area have for potholes. Must have been a fair few in the area to decide to give it this creative title!

Crackpot, North Yorkshire

Credit: Wikicommons

West of Richmond, this little tiny village lies on the river Swale. Derived from Old English ‘Kraka’. It refers to the limestone on which the place is built. It’s not saying that the folk there are a set of crackpots (like we first thought).

Booze, North Yorkshire

Our favourite, something all Yorkshire folk love to partake in. Booze is the perfect name for any town in Yorkshire, and I’m even up for changing the county name to this, too. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘BOOZE!’ You can find this wondrous place in North Yorkshire – where most of these beautiful and bizarre places reside.

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, North Yorkshire

Credit: WIkicommons

Excuse me? Is that a conversation or are we supposed to take that seriously?! This great street name is one of the shortest streets in York and is said to have gotten its name from being a whipping post back in the day… A pretty dark history for an otherwise amusing sounding name.

Wetwang, East Yorkshire

Credit: Dacia

Just outside of Driffield in East Yorkshire, Wetwang is actually a beautiful little village (despite sounding a bit rude!). And, having lived near it most of our lives, sometimes we forget how brilliant this village name is. I mean, come on, that’s just great banter whoever decided that was what they would call their village.

Penistone, South Yorkshire

Credit: Wikicommons

Peni-stone… Penis-tone… I mean this one is a little immature we do admit, and you have to bring out your inner teenager to really appreciate the silliness of this village name. Show it to your kids, I’m sure they will have a chuckle.

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