An 80s vs 90s Music Festival Is Coming To Yorkshire And It Sounds Like The Ultimate Throwback Party

80s and 90s babies will have very different opinions on the ruling musical decade – and now, an outdoor event in Sheffield wants to settle the debate once and for all. Which era was better, the 80s, or the 90s?

Taking place in Norfolk Heritage Park, Sheffield, this summer – the event is perfect for all the family to enjoy and will feature two acts that’ll take us right back to two of the greatest decades of all time.

Grab your ankle warmers and hairspray for the first act, because The Wild Boys will be taking attendees right back to 80s, covering a number of famous pop hits during their set – which will hopefully include a good old bitta Wham!

The second act is perfect for those who are on team flannel and grungy eyeliner, with Rhythm of the 90s batting for the 90s team, covering hits from bands such as Prodigy, Faithless and Sash. Yep, a real mix! Not only that, the band has actually proven incredibly successful already and played a number of events such as Glastonbury, Isle of Wight and more.

Fancy dress and picnics are encouraged, however there’s also a bar and a number of food vendors on site for those who prefer to come with just the essentials. Unfortunately the event isn’t BYOB – and if you want to drink alcohol at the event you’ll need to purchase it from their bar.

Tickets are currently £30, with the event taking place on the 17th July – but be quick, and they’re set to increase real soon! You can pick up your tickets here.