Images Show Huge Gatherings Of People Clapping For The NHS At Barnsley Hospital

As Coronavirus cases in the UK continue to grow, the momentum of supporting our NHS does too – with many taking up charitable efforts in a bid to help them through the pandemic. And while that sounds more than reasonable, it seems some members of the public are forgetting about the virus during the weekly #ClapForCarers.

Following last night’s round of applause, social media users have taken to their platforms to share images of people participating in the clap – which may sound pretty innocent upon first reading, but when you look at the photos, it’s clear that participants are completely ignoring social distancing measures. Measures which were put in place to ease strain from the NHS and save lives.

Social distancing measures have been strictly implemented here in the UK, with the government placing the country on lockdown – meaning we must stay at home unless absolutely necessary. With very stringent measures in place, it’s no wonder the internet has reacted so adversely to a set of images that surfaced just last night, taken at Barnsley Hospital.

The images show large gatherings of people, including police, medical staff and members of the public, all intermingled as they take part in the gesture of appreciation. Attendees can be seen greeting and embracing one another, in actions that go against the government’s current Coronavirus restrictions – in particular the 2-metre rule.

Facebook users were shocked to see such a crowd of people, with one user saying: “This defeats the object doesn’t it, so irresponsible”, and another commenting: “They wana be there to show off their social media pics. Bet all of them have a profile pic that says stay at home help the nhs etc.”

The images come as 861 more people are confirmed to have died in relation to the illness, with the UK total of cases reaching 103,093*.

*Numbers correct as of 2.44pm, April 16.

[Featured image: Facebook/Alan Wilkinson]