Shocking Photos From Hermes’ Bradford Depot Show What Really Happens Behind The Scenes

Hermes courier company are nationally famous for quite a few things… Throwing parcels over the fence with complete disregard for what’s in them, putting them in the bin on bin day, or even not delivering them at all. Let’s just say, they really do know how to grind our gears sometimes.

Now, shocking images have emerged that show what really goes on in their depots before parcels are delivered to customers.

The photos were taken the week after Christmas and leaked by an anonymous worker, who has spoken to Bolton News about the issue – saying:

“It’s horrific, nobody cares, I’ve seen people playing football with customers’ parcels.”

The worker also claimed that parcels are “flung” onto the conveyor belt before being dispatched for delivery, with around 900 parcels daily being collected. That’s a lot of parcels to fling.

“There’s so much volume put onto the drivers it’s impossible to load the van in a safe and caring way. It won’t fit, but we are told to take them all.”, the worker continued.

The photos show fragile parcels dumped on the floor, with the majority of parcels looking as though they’ve been thrown in the direction of the conveyor belt, which appears to have very few parcels actually on it.

The delivery company has now launched an investigation following the images being leaked – which also show parcels thrown carelessly into one of their delivery vans.

Hermes has spoken out following the public seeing the shocking photos, saying:

“We successfully deliver 390 million parcels a year and every one of them is important to us. We are shocked at these photos which do not reflect the standards we uphold within our 26 strong depot network.

“Our compliance team has launched a full investigation and we will take immediate and effective action.”