Whitby’s Weird & Wonderful Goth Weekend Is Back This Weekend – And We Can’t Wait

Whitby’s Weird & Wonderful Goth Weekend Is Back This Weekend – And We Can’t Wait

Whitby Goth Weekend is back this weekend. Starting tomorrow we will see all sorts of fantastically dressed visitors descending upon the coastal town to celebrate all things alternative.

Be ready to embrace the gothic culture, alternative music dress up, and more as Whitby Goth Weekend 2023 returns to the coastal town bringing all sorts of incredible madness with it.

The bi-annual event is back with its spring weekend. You can celebrate the Gothic culture with two nights of live bands and a weekend of alternative trade stalls at both Whitby Leisure Centre and Whitby Brunswick Centre.

Credit: Whitby Goth Festival

The event is a bi-annual one, which usually takes place in April and October. You can find the famous bazaar, which has more than 100 stalls, in the Whitby Leisure Centre and the Brunswick centre.

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The event first started back in 1994 and was organised by Jo Hampshire, who gathered 40 of her pen-pals in 19994 and met at Elisnore public house in Whitby.

The festival has now been held every year since becoming a bi-annual in April and October. You can see all sorts of fantastic outfits – from Steampunk creations to Gothic, people let the creativity loose on this world premiere Goth event.

Whitby Goth Festival 2023
Credit: Whitby Goth Festival

Since its inception the Goth festival has become on of the biggest gatherings in the world and with the old fishing town backdrop adds to the other worldy feeling you want when you visit over these weekends.

The coastal town has inspired all things Gothic since being the inspiration for the Bram Stoker novel Dracula – which has people visiting in search for the infamous vampire.

Visit the website for more information.

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