Here’s How Coronavirus Will Ruin Christmas Under The Current Restrictions

Here’s How Coronavirus Will Ruin Christmas Under The Current Restrictions

If there’s one thing we never contemplated back in March – it was the possibility that Covid-19 could ruin Christmas. But here we are just three months away – about to embark on six months of stricter restrictions which could either make Christmas a more bearable season for some, or a bloody nightmare for others. Here’s all the ways Christmas will be affected under the new regulations.

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No cheeky Christmas Eve piss-up

We’ll have to find new ways of ‘ruining Christmas’ now that the pubs are closing at 10pm. Gone are the days we end up on the Jagerbombs at a time we can’t even pinpoint, and here are the days where we either sit miserably drinking at home in front of Elf, or grab the Christmas spirit by its balls and find something wholesome to do. Gingerbread house decorating, anyone?

All of the best events are cancelled

Thinking of heading to the Christmas Markets this year? Think again. The majority of the most fun events have been cancelled, with only a few remaining to take advantage of this year. Check out our guide to the events that are still taking place.

No work do’s

Ok, so this one could go either way – depending on how you feel about your work mates – but it seems unlikely that any work do’s will be going ahead this year given the current rule of six. No more boring chatter with Sandra while trying to quickly grab a slice of pizza – and no more embarrassing karaoke when it all inevitably gets out of hand. Thank the Lord.

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No big annual reunions

Christmas the one time of year that you see your friends? Think again. If you were planning a big reunion piss-up, we hate the be the bearers of bad news, but the rule of six will probably still apply come the Christmas period.

You’ll have to choose which family members you like the most

Ok, so this one could also be a big positive. As a result of the rule of six, big families may have to cut their losses this year and pick their favourite family members – which sure, means not seeing some members of your family, but could also mean buying less presents. Silver linings and all that. Again, this one depends on how you feel about your family members, it could well be a huge bonus!

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Elderly and vulnerable people may be required to shield if cases flare up in their area

All jokes aside, this Christmas could see many elderly and vulnerable family members shielding should cases creep up in your local area. All we know is, Nan deserves to kick back like a Queen this year and enjoy a Christmas Dinner cooked by the family – sherry in hand.

Christmas shopping will be more anxiety-inducing than ever before

Social distancing could make Christmas shopping way more unbearable than ever before. Like your average trip to Tesco with a Karen up your backside while we’re supposed to be 2m apart isn’t stressful enough, we’ll probably be dealing with that ten-fold come Christmas. Not to mention the queues. Oh the bloody queues.