15 Of The Weirdest And Funniest Pub Names In Yorkshire

15 Of The Weirdest And Funniest Pub Names In Yorkshire

Pub names are a thing of beauty, it must be very difficult to come up with a unique name. After around hundreds of years of pubs, it seems that some pub names are just getting weirder and weirder. Not that we are complaining! There are some absolutely brilliant pub names in Yorkshire and we’ve listed some of our favourite funny Yorkshire pub names.

The Golden Cock, Farnley Tyas

Credit: The Golden Cock

Found in the Huddersfield area of West Yorkshire, we can’t think of a better name for a pub than this one. It’s a strong start to a list and one we’ve set our eyes on visiting in the near future.

Hole In The Wall, York

Credit: Hole In The Wall

 This is our minds being naughty but the innuendo is there and we’ve jumped on it. Only 50 metres from York Minster in the beautiful city of York this tiny pub is literally a hole in the wall.

Dirty Dick’s, Hull

Credit: Dirty Dick’s

This one is great. Found in the old town of Hull, Dirty Dick’s is a great place if you’re looking for a boogie!

The Three Legged Mare, York

Credit: The Three Legged Mare

Found on High Petergate in York the Three Legged Mare sounds like a horse who has seen a few things and now sits in the corner with a pint and tells tales of his youth. It’s actually a term from gallows that could hang three people in medieval times. Wonderful.

The Fat Badger, Bridlington

Credit: The Fat Badger

Bridlington is one of Yorkshire’s beautiful beach towns, and its humourous tavern name sounds like a place we’d like to go and sink a few ales. I’ve seen a few fat badges in Brid in my youth, that’s for sure.

Flying Legends, York

Sounds like what a bunch of jocks would name their footy manager team, Flying Legends in York is a pub and Whacky Warehouse in the Rawcliffe area.

The Tickled Trout, Bilton-in-Ainsty

Credit: The Tickled Trout

What sounds like a massive innuendo for… well, we don’t need to say it you can use your imagination.

The Beaver, Beverley

Credit: The Beaver

Drag your minds out of the gutter. The Beaver is down a back alley in the market town of Beverley, and the back alley isn’t another innuendo.

Old Grey Mare, York

This sounds like what you’d call the other half after you’ve come back at two in morning and she has cob on.

Ham & Cheese, Malton

They must have run out of names in Malton and started naming things after what they had let in the fridge.

The Hermit Inn, Ilkley

The Hermit Inn sounds like a place for goths and nerds, people that haven’t noticed there has been a pandemic on in the last year as they don’t leave the house anyway.

The Disappearing Chin, Harrogate

Credit: The Disappearing Chin

A pub named after what happens when you drink eight pints a day for 50 years. Think I am on me way to one of those meself.

Plough Inn, Leeds

Where you go to pull in Leeds according to the name, men will be doing plenty of ‘ploughing’ now that pubs are back open.

Tickle Toby, Northallerton

Credit: The Tickle Toby Inn

What most people have been having to do during lockdown since we weren’t allowed to meet up with anyone.

Stumble Inn, Holmfirth

Funny Yorkshire Pub Names
Credit: The Stumble Inn

This is a beautiful name for a pub, although we feel it should be called Stumble Out, as that’s what most of us will be doing after a few sambucas and bevs.

The Cock Inn, Sheffield

Funny Yorkshire Pub Names
Terry Robinson / The Cock Inn Sign, Oughtibridge / CC BY-SA 2.0

Too easy Sheffield. It definitely gives another reason why they call it the ‘Steel City’. The Cock Inn is just a brilliant name.

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Feature Image Credit: Terry Robinson / The Cock Inn Sign, Oughtibridge / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Pixabay