You Can Now Stay In This Hagrid-Inspired Cottage In The Stunning North York Moors

You Can Now Stay In This Hagrid-Inspired Cottage In The Stunning North York Moors

Found on the edge of the Ground Keeper’s Cottage North Shire campsite inthe North York Moors is the most magical stay you’ll find. Immerse yourself in the wizarding world with their Ground Keepers Cottage, which will have you believing in wizards, witches and hippogriffs.

Credit: North Shire

Inspired by Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter series, it wouldn’t surprise us to find Hagrid’s faithful companion, Fang, waiting to greet you as you walk through the door. The cottage has three interlocking circular rooms, with squat, medieval-looking turrets and mismatched stained-glass windows, giving it the fairy tale feel.

It is a cost wood-panelled space with deep sofas and a romantic flickering Dimplex stove. It has a beautiful wood-beamed ceiling and all the amenities you’d need for a self-catered stay, which is great if you’re a family looking for a weekend away. Head through the bed into the bedroom for more magical features.

There is a chunk double bed, that has lots of room for the parents and wooden bunk beds that the kids will love. The bathroom is the most beautiful room with gleaming tiles, with a deep copper tub that is waiting for you to have a long hot soak.

Ground Keepers  Cottage North Shire

It is the little details that make this stay the most perfect place to visit with wall-to-wall magical items such as its star curtains, cauldrons, fountain pens and goblets – you’ll be expecting Hagrid to join you for a fire whiskey at any moment.

Ground Keepers  Cottage North Shire

The stooped entrance is lit by lanterns and is only a short walk to the beautiful Yorkshire Coast – which is perfect for a summer stay. Head down to the coast and enjoy watching the surfers, or take a dip in the sea before heading back to your cottage for a butterbeer and a game of wizarding chess.

The Ground Keepers Cottage North Shire sleeps six, and is around £247 per night and is very popular, so check availability here.

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