The Idyllic Yorkshire Dales Market Town With Cobbled Streets, Stone Cottages & A Waterfall

The Idyllic Yorkshire Dales Market Town With Cobbled Streets, Stone Cottages & A Waterfall

The Yorkshire Dales is full of beautiful waterfalls. Some you have to traverse miles to see, and others are just a stone’s throw away from a National Trust car park. Linton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales is in the latter category. But, just because you don’t have to hike for miles, doesn’t take away from the beauty of this force of nature.

Everything about the Yorkshire Dales waterfall is beautiful. Found just a five-minute walk down from the Grassington car park (National Park Centre), you traverse between two traditional stone walls, which is synonymous with the area and create a beautiful symmetry that many photographers love to capture on the way down to the walk. Once you reach Linton Falls, it is framed by the wooden bridge that overlooks it.

Linton Falls Waterfall Walk 2
Credit: Photo © Dr Neil Clifton (cc-by-sa/2.0)

From a little downriver, you get a magical picture of the falls, which is overlooked by a precariously perched house. Every time you visit the falls you get a different feeling. Whether after a storm where you get a feeling of awe at its sheer power has the river thrashes down, or in the summertime when the flowers are in bloom and the river idles along leaving visitors to wonder how it ever carved its way through.

Enjoy A Circular Walk From Linton Falls

If you head upstream to the right, you’ll see the restored hydroelectric plant, which sits next to the falls. If you head downstream, you can extend your route into a nice circular walk, where the river becomes less dangerous, and you’ll find some limestone stepping stones, which add a little fun to the walk through the countryside.

Linton Falls Waterfall Walk 1
Credit: Photo © Graham Hogg (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Keep following the Linton Falls Yorkshire Dales walk to the east past the Half Way House Farm, crossing the road and turning left and head to the junction just before Garnshaw House, head past the ruins of Wise House and head up High Lane towards the main street of Grassington, where All Creatures Great and Small is filmed, and back along Hebden Road to the starting point.

Places To Grab A Drink After Linton Falls Walk

  • Retreat Tearoom & Bistro
  • The Devonshire
  • The Corner House Cafe
  • Black Horse Hotel
  • Cobblestones Cafe Grassington

Places Of Interest In Grassington After Linton Falls Walk

  • Grassington Folk Museum
  • Striper Badger Bookshop
  • Visit Grassington Wine
  • Grove House Gallery

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © David Dixon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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