This North Yorkshire Town Has Been Revealed As The Worst For Flouting UK Lockdown Rules

It’s hard to believe that any Yorkshireman would be dumb enough to flout the UK’s lockdown rules, particularly with a contagious virus hanging about at the moment – but according to a brand new study released today, some people really are that dumb.

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Conducted by health app Evergreen Life, a brand new survey has revealed that people who live in Middlesbrough are the most likely to disobey the lockdown rules, with 26,700 people across the country taking part in the survey. The results follow a particularly bad weekend for ‘flouters’, where local authorities across the country were forced to closed parks and other public spaces as thousands headed out to irresponsibly sunbathe.

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Coming out as the worst culprits overall, 25% of respondents from Middlesbrough shamelessly answered that they were not following the government regulations and staying indoors, despite cases in their area growing to 151* – almost doubling in just one week.

The answers are revealed via a heat map that Evergreen Life has created in partnership with the NHS, which reveals how well different parts of the UK are following the new guidelines. It also cleverly excludes key workers to show a more accurate representation of which towns and cities are the biggest culprits.

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It wasn’t all slapped wrists for us Yorkshiremen, though, as Ryedale came out as the best behaved bunch of the survey, with 98.2% of residents staying indoors and generally being top lads.

The app is being used by data scientists in Liverpool and Manchester, where the data is being used to understand the infection better, which will in turn help with local planning to combat the virus – and hopefully help local councils to tackle the current levels of flouting across the country.

Until then, Middlesbrough, can you do us a favour and get back inside?

*Case numbers correct as of April 6

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