This Free Woodland Water Park In Yorkshire Is A Hidden Gem

This Free Woodland Water Park In Yorkshire Is A Hidden Gem

There are so many hidden gems in Yorkshire, and being able to share them with our audience makes us feel like we can appreciate what’s local to us and let others do so as well. This little woodland gem in South Yorkshire is a must for anyone looking for family-friendly things to do.

As you head towards the hidden water park, you’ll come across a range of exciting sights along ghte trail. There is a magnificent waterfall along with some fun stepping stones for the kids to enjoy pottering across along the Rivelin Valley Park.

Credit: Rivelin Splash Pools/Mick Knapton/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

If you live near Sheffield and haven’t visited Rivelin Valley Nature Trail, then you’ve missed a treat. It’s only a 6-mile end-to-end walk that has waterfalls, stepping stones and other natural wonders to enjoy. It also has another unknown secret, which is Rivelin Splash. The spot, popular with locals, is free to visit and consists of fountains and a paddling pool – all surrounded by beautiful woodland.

Credit: Photo © David Hallam-Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Just north of Sheffield, the three adjoining pools include all kinds of watery surprises from jets, sprinklers, bucket drops and water tables ideal for a warm day out. Built over 100 years ago, it has been through some closures and changes, back in the 1950s. New facilities were added, and it was renamed Rivelin Valley Splash, back in 2013.

The changes included a new water filter system, three large anti-slip splash pads, waterplay equipment including jets, sprinklers, bucket drops and water tables and ramped access, with handrails into the paddling pool. A playground and a toilet block.

The pools were opened earlier in summer following the pandemic and are a great family day out. The unique woodland find is the perfect place for children to explore and have fun – especially after the recent pandemic. Once the kids have worked up an appetite, you don’t have to go foraging for food. There is a cafe where you can enjoy a nice brew and an ice cream.

If you don’t feel like getting wet, why not check out our waterfall walk guide on the Rivelin Valley Woods guide?

Visit the council website here to find out more information about this hidden gem. Or visit the Rivelin Vally walk website here for a full downloadable guide.

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