The 10 Worst Places For Being Burgled In The UK Have Been Revealed

The 10 Worst Places For Being Burgled In The UK Have Been Revealed

Stop thief! Is apparently what Yorkshire folk should be saying, rather than ‘Be Reyt’. That is according to a new survey that claims Yorkshire is one of the worst places for being burgled in the UK. Out of the ten cities named in the list, five are in Yorkshire. Somebody get Sean Bean on the phone as we need the King of The North to serve some justice.

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The survey was done by, who asked 2,000 people to take part in their survey, and the results were interesting. For Yorkshire folk the top three won’t be surprising. Both Doncaster and Hull, sit in the top three of the worst places for being burgled in the UK. Doncaster was in second places with 13.1 robberies per 1,000, and Hull in third places with 12.5. It’s well documented that Donni and Hull can be a little rough around the edges.

Seven of the ten cities named were in the north of England. As long as it scares those southerners off, we will take it. We’ve lived in almost all of the cities in the list, and we can say we’ve never really experienced it first-hand, but, we’d love to hear others thoughts.

CCTV installer, James Ritchey, from, “We don’t know why the North has it so bad, many of the areas prone to burglaries are densely populated estates and terraces, and Northern towns are full of these types of homes”.

“Every burglary has an effect on the person who lives in the home, and burglaries tend to be carried out by a small number of people who live locally to the areas they target – perhaps Northern cities are simply more prone to this effect”, adds James from

“The results paint a worrying picture, but with a few simple steps, especially the physical barriers, protecting yourself from a burglary doesn’t have to cost the earth – and gives you total peace of mind going into the winter months”, concludes James Ritchey from

The full set of worst places for being burgled in the UK below:

RankLocationBurglaries per 1,000 people

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