Aldi Is Launching Pink Prosecco For Christmas And It Sounds Amazing

Aldi Is Launching Pink Prosecco For Christmas And It Sounds Amazing

If you’re anything like us at this point of 2020, you’ll have the Christmas playlist on already as you contemplate putting up the tree and being done with this year once and for all. And following the news that pink Prosecco will be launching in the UK – it looks like we’ll have a new tipple to sip on while we belt out Fairytale of New York, thanks to Aldi.

Becoming the first in the UK to stock the sought after precious pink beverage, fans of fizz will be able to get their hands on the brand new drink earlier than we thought, with Aldi’s budget version launching in a matter of days. And while you might be mistaken in thinking this has existed all along, you’d be very wrong – with only sparkling Rosé and pink champagne available on the market previously.

Up until now, the Italian Prosecco council (DOC) stipulated that prosecco must be at least 85% Glera giving it the white colour, but this has changed to allow up to 15% Pinot Noir to give it its pink hue.

Wine expert, Mistress of Wine, Sam Caporn explains: “Shoppers might have already enjoyed Italian rosé (or rosato) sparkling wine, but it won’t actually have been Prosecco, because pink Prosecco hasn’t previously been permitted. Prosecco (like Champagne) is governed by strict regulations and Prosecco DOC has to come from grapes grown exclusively from nine provinces in the north east of Italy, and there are many rules in place regarding how it can be produced. Like standard Prosecco, the new rosé variety must be made primarily from Glera grapes but with the addition of Pinot Noir.”

Credit: Unsplash

The bottle of pink fizz will be available online for just £6.49 per bottle from November 2nd, before rolling out in stores nationwide. Not only that, but for those seeking stocking fillers, there’ll be a smaller version for sale for just £2.29. I’ll be expecting ten of them in mine…

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