12 Things All Yorkshire Dads Used To Say When We Were Growing Up

12 Things All Yorkshire Dads Used To Say When We Were Growing Up

How do we make sure that we don’t turn out like our dads? Figure out what it was they did that would drive us wild as kids, and try to avoid it like hell. Growing up Yorkshire, you are sure to have heard a few of these sayings tossed around as your dad would tell you off.

It will have gone in one ear and out the other, but somehow after much discussion, we’ve found that there were a number of phrases that represent Yorkshire dads exactly, and we’ve listed a load for a lovely hit of nostalgia for you.

1. ‘Ow Much

Usually said when you ask for a couple of quid for a new computer game or to go to shop to get some sweets. A quid is a lot to a dad, it seems!

2. Not med of money

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This usually follows as they begrudgingly pass you a few coppers to go to the shop. Usually followed with a few requests for himself that leave you with very little for your sen.

3. Put a bloody jumper on

When it’s November and you mention that it’s cold in the house. It can be -6 degrees and you may be able to see your breath on the air, but you will still need to put a jumper on.

4. Who’s touched the thermostat?

The sixth sense that all dads seem to have, a psychic feeling that lets them know that the thermostat has been played with. It seems as soon as the firstborn is thrust into this world, the dad’s thermo-sense activates.

5. Thi ain’t off out like that

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If there is a sign of the slightest bit of ankle, or god forbid a little shoulder showing, then dads all over Yorkshire will be marching you back upstairs to put your Nun outfit on. They know what those Yorkshire lads are like, and they will try their best to keep their little girls well away.

6. It’s like Blackpool illuminations in ‘ere

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We’ve all had this one… Not been to Blackpool, but I’m pretty sure people go to see these illuminations, so why Dad finds them so annoying is beyond me.

7. In my day…

Ahh, the reminiscing to a time with no internet, washed pots by hand, none of this internet, played outside, didn’t have phones and had to walk for miles to call on friends. Alright, Dad, we get it, you were alive in the Bronze Ages by the sounds of it.

8. Was tha born in a barn

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You’ll have heard this one if you’ve ever forgotten to close the door after entering a room. Tight as owt, they want to hold on to any heat that has been made by their precious heating.

9. Ask ya mother

Whether it’s having a friend stay over, or whether you can go out to the cinema. Dads like to deflect responsibility where ever possible.

10. You don’t know ya born

We are so lucky aren’t we Father, thanks for letting us know…

11. Don’t know yer head from yer arse

I mean, he has a point with this one, but my response is that if that is so, it’s because you’ve brought me up. So, technically your fault, Dad.

12. Now then, ‘ow do!

The only time you’ll get a smile from yer Dad is when he’s returned home for the pub after watching a bit of footie. A bit merry, this is the cry to let the family he has returned home safe and his team has won.

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