24/7 Christmas Radio Station Launches Early To Get Us All In The Festive Spirit

24/7 Christmas Radio Station Launches Early To Get Us All In The Festive Spirit

Christmas has been kicked off early this year, and thank the lord! Last Year’s Crimbo left something to be desired so this year Heart Xmas radio station has been launched early, and it is dedicated to bring you the best festive tune. After the last year and a half we’ve had, we believe thee Nation needs a bit of Christmas spirit.

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Halloween is almost over, and that means we can finally say goodbye to the garish ghouls and scary spirits, and say hello to the jingle of bells and the twinkling of fairy lights. It’s our favourite time of the year, and although this year hasn’t given us too much to get excited about, that’s not stopping us getting into the Christmas spirit.

Heart’s Xmas radio couldn’t have come at a better time! We can’t wait to be boogieing to Bublé, or catch mum kissing Santa Clause. At a time like this we really do wish it could be Christmas everyday. So turn up the tunes, dance to Fairy Tale Of New York, and get the festive feeling early this year with Heart.

The Heart station, and its annual Xmas radio channel is now gone live for 2021, and we’ll be playing festive feel-good tracks 24/7 from now until 27th December. “All I want for Christmas is Yoooou.”

Andy Everett, Managing Editor of Heart, said: “With the nation turning to radio for light-hearted escapism and comfort, we are thrilled to bring listeners some festive feel good cheer earlier than ever before this year as we launch Heart Xmas today!

Heart Breakfast’s Jamie Theakston added that it may be early “but we’re kick-starting our Christmas countdown on Heart earlier than ever before!” 

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