You Can Sup 50p Pints In Spain After The Coronavirus Crisis Is Over

You Can Sup 50p Pints In Spain After The Coronavirus Crisis Is Over
We are hoping a holiday is still on the cards this year!

Looks like you best dust that passport off, keep it somewhere safe and get ready for a booze-up. Spain looks like it will be serving beers for as little as 50p in pubs once travel restrictions for coronavirus are lifted. Already known for its cheap beer and nice beaches, Spain is a popular tourist spot for us Yorkshire folk, so this comes are great news.

A well-deserved bev or two is definitely on the cards for us after this is all over. A cold beer in a nice beer garden abroad is what has kept the end in sight for some of us. Euro Weekly News reported that popular destination could be cutting their prices once this is all over in a bid to pull in tourists.

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Bars are restaurants are some of the worst-hit over this lockdown period The busy summer period is in our midst and, as it was the Euros this year, a lot of the tourist industry is going to suffer. It is said over 100m litres of beer will go to waste in pubs because of coronavirus, which is a huge loss to landlords. All that poor beer going to waste, we feel the pain!

Alcohol supplier told Euro Weekly that “Busier bars with larger turnovers have been selling beer at low cut prices for some time, and it’s realistic to think they will have offers, like a pint for €1 or as low as 64 cents (50p). It’s about the volume of sales.” We won’t say no to that!

Benidorm-based businessman Ian Pratt added: “If you can go out for a drink for the same price as drinking at home, why wouldn’t you? “I doubt we are talking about high-end hotels and other venues, but the local bars, like all businesses, are going to do what they have to do to attract customers.”

Food and drink prices are looking to be slashed in a bid to entice customers. We for one are looking forward to getting out and supporting the locals like we know best, drinking that bar dry!

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