A New Statue Celebrating The Iconic Yorkshire Classic ‘Kes’ In Barnsley approved

A New Statue Celebrating The Iconic Yorkshire Classic ‘Kes’ In Barnsley approved

Kes is one of Yorkshire’s most iconic films, and it is getting another piece of artwork that celebrates its impact on the culture and area in which it was filmed.

It’ll be the second artwork based on the main character from the 1960s film Kes to be erected in Barnsley nearby to where the film was shot.

The new piece will be a statue of Billy Casper holding the kestrel otherwise known as Kes and will be located on Hoyaland Road. Standing at 6.5ft the work would face the former home of Barry Hines the author of A Kestrel for a Knave, on which the film was based upon.

Credit: Woodfall Film Productions

Barnsley Council officials said one comment that supported the sculpture said it “will be fantastic for the Hoyland Common residents and it’s an honour to have the Kes sculpture”.

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The site was specifically chosen due to its proximity to the former home of Barry Hines, according to Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Along with it being near Hines’ former home, reports said that it was close to other notable filming locations including the now-closed Casper’s fish and chip shop which was named after the main character.

The report also said there were other filming locations in close proximity, the most notable of which is the former – now closed – Casper’s fish and chip shop, which was named after the main character of the film, Billy Casper.

Last year, a blue plaque is set to be unveiled in memory of the late actor Brian Glover, who is most famous for his role in the Yorkshire classic Kes, in which he played Mr Sugden the PE teacher.

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