Aldi ‘School Cake Kits’ Are Just £1.69 – And They Taste Just Like You Remember

Aldi ‘School Cake Kits’ Are Just £1.69 – And They Taste Just Like You Remember

Everyone remembers the good ol’ days of school, especially school dinners and the desserts covered in thick yellow custard. The most iconic dessert of all, the retro sponge cake with icing and sprinkles is the one that really hits you with a buzz of nostalgia – and now Aldi has made it so you can make your own.

Credit: Council Cuisine Group

Yes, you can relive your childhood this Christmas with their aptly named ‘school cake kit’. The kit contains everything you need to create the classic dish including sponge mix, icing and sprinkles. You can get creative this Christmas and make your very own retro sponge cake that will take you back to those Friday dinnertimes at school when you’d all be given a slice of the simple traybake.

The light and fluffy sponge was popular over lockdown with people feeling nostalgic and wanting a taste of better days. Well, you can now enjoy your own with this kit that costs just £1.69 – they say money can’t buy happiness, but it can at these prices!

Posting to Council Cuisine group on Facebook, a user wrote: “This bad boy is in Aldi for £1.69,” and it looks delicious.

Aldi is also doing a range of sprinkles for 85p each, so you can even mix and match the toppings if you feel like getting creative. They have everything from chocolate orange sprinkles, winter wonderland sprinkles, micro marshmallows and for the fancier of you out the winter shimmer.

It sounds like a great thing to do at the weekend with the kids, and you get to enjoy your childhood treat, so it’s a real win-win! We know what we’ll be doing anyway!

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Feature Image Credit: Aldi Nuneaton Store. 14th September 2017. Picture by Simon Hadley. Simon Hadley Photography. 07774 193699

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