A York Pub Has Been Named CAMRA’s ‘Pub Of The Year 2022’

A York Pub Has Been Named CAMRA’s ‘Pub Of The Year 2022’

For beer drinkers out there, this is one to add to the list. The Blue Bell in Fossgate, which is known as the smallest pub in York, has been acknowledged for its excellent beer with an award from Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

CAMRA has over 1100 members in the area, and the award exemplifies that The Blue Bell inn is the best branch in the area, which spans from Middlesborough to the Humber’s mouth. So, there is plenty of competition.

Credit: Blue Bell Inn

The tavern which opened in 1798 is popular with tourists and locals alike and has managed to maintain the historic feel of the place as well as serve up a range of top-class ales.

Chris Tregellis, chairman of the York CAMRA branch said: “We have a rigorous selection process where members vote and then surveys of a shortlist and then voting. It’s incredibly difficult to pick a winner as there are such a large number of pubs in our area. It’s not just the city but the country too,” according to The Press.

Chris continued: “the pub is really well run, there’s the attitude of the owner and it makes for a place you like to go to. They are doing a really good job.”

Credit: Blue Bell Inn

Pubs are judged on their consistent beer quality, welcome, service and atmosphere. The Blue Bell has struggled with Covid-related lockdown limitations for the previous two years, forcing it to close for months due to its size which prevented them reopening due to social distancing measures..

Pub landlord John Pybus spoke to The Press saying “It’s not an easy job but I thank their dedication in keeping the beers so well and a big thank you to all the CAMRA members and to all the breweries, especially Brass Castle who supply our IPA.”

John continued: “It’s been a difficult few years. We were massively affected by covid. We were evicted. Winning this award has made it all worthwhile. We always knew the Blue Bell would rise from the eviction and covid. A massive thank you to the customers who believed in us and never doubted us.”

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