Arctic Monkeys Fans Notice Alex Turner Going ‘Full Richard Hammond’ At Glastonbury

Arctic Monkeys Fans Notice Alex Turner  Going ‘Full Richard Hammond’ At Glastonbury

Yorkshire’s biggest export, besides Yorkshire puddings, the Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys took to the stage at Glastonbury on Friday and fans were all saying the same thing.

It wasn’t the back catalogue of bangers that people were commenting on after Turner managed to pull it together whilst suffering from an acute case of laryngitis on the Pyramid stage.

Instead, people were commenting on Alex Turner’s lovely suit and shirt look and saying how it seemed awfully familiar.

Taking to Twitter one person wrote: “My sister and I just messaged each other at the exact same moment that Alex Turner looks a bit like Richard Hammond. Glad to have had my thoughts on the matter justified, but a bit creepy nonetheless,” one person said.

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A second added: “Alex Turner has gone full Richard Hammond #Glastonbury23.”

With a set list that includes Brianstorm, Arabelle, ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’, ‘Arabella’, ‘Mardy Bum’, ‘R U Mine’, ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor and more – he could have dressed up as MR Blobby and we wouldn’t have minded.

If you want to hear them play their songs as you remember there are hundreds of videos online to fill your boots with. Instead, if you’d like to be a part of history then enjoy the Mirrorball era of the Arctic Monkeys and quit complaining.

Whether you agree or not, you can catch up with their performance and more via the BBC iPlayer here.

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Feature Image Credit: BBC

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