This Yorkshire Lavender Farm Is The Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Summer

This Yorkshire Lavender Farm Is The Most Beautiful Place To Visit In Summer

The heady scent and the heavenly colour palette of lavender flowers is a dream-like creation that hints at spring’s return. Set within the Howardian Hills, Yorkshire Lavender fields in Yorkshire are a curated space of heady scents and distinct sights that will have you enamoured the moment you get there. 

The triple award-winning attraction is a truly wonderful experience. Leave your expectations at the gate and surround yourself with the varied colours of lavender flowers.

The whites, pinks, blues, lilac and deep lavender purples in North Yorkshire create an artistic spectacle that is bliss to wander through. While away the hours in the unique lavender maze, relax in the Mediterranean Dry Garden and lose yourself in the Sensory Garden found in these lavender fields in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Lavender
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The rows of lavender plants that seem to stretch to the horizon had humble beginnings only 26 years ago when 60 acres of south-facing farmland.

They experimented with a few rows and now have hundreds of different lavender and herb varieties to admire as you explore the lavender farm.

In summer, the lavender paints the fields with a stunning array of different colours, from white through a complete range of blues, and lilacs to magnificent deep purples, all creating its distinctive heady scent.

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Yorkshire Lavender
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Herbalists believe that most ailments can be helped by the use of lavender, often steeped in hot water. Yorkshire Lavender has a shop that sells a variety of lavender-based products such as bubble baths, and body and hand wash.

Also, after you’ve wandered around the maze of Lavender Fields in Yorkshire, you can enjoy food from their award-winning cafe while the kids play in their on-site playground.

If you’d like to find out more about Yorkshire Lavender, including their sculpture park and opening hours. You can visit their website here.

Address: Yorkshire Lavender, Terrington, York YO60 6PB

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