9 Of The Best Yorkshire Bars We Can’t Wait To Visit Post-Lockdown

9 Of The Best Yorkshire Bars We Can’t Wait To Visit Post-Lockdown

Pubs, pubs, pubs. Rememeber them? Remember going out with your mates, getting s**t faced and waking up with a half eaten kebab strewn over you like a scene from American Beauty? Well those days are back, kind of… Although, we won’t be hitting the town the same way that we did pre-lockdown. In celebration of the measures soon to be lifted, we thought we’d put together a list of the best bars in Yorkshire (in our opinion).

This list isn’t exhaustive, just a top ten of The Yorkshireman’s favourite haunts to visit in each of these cities. So, who knows, we might see you guys in one over the coming weeks!

1. Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds

We can’t wait to get back to Shopkeepers. Their beer garden is one of the best in town and they have great eclectic interiors that’s sure to take your fancy. They always have a great range of beer on tap, as well as something a little stronger if needed. I know we will need something from the top shelf after three months in lockdown. Nation of Shopkeepers, 26-27 Cookridge St, Leeds, LS2 3AG.

2. Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, Leeds

Hipster central, Belgrave is one of the coolest venues in Leeds. As well as having a solid beer selection, the bar has a great beer garden with its own little bar, and an array of food options from its add-on canteen. Every inch of the bar has something interesting going on and it also has a great little music venue attached as well. Belgrave Music Hall, Cross Belgrave St, Leeds, LS2 8JP.

3. Angelica, Leeds

Angelica has a great view of the beautiful city centre of Leeds, and on a summers day is the perfect place to while away the hours. They have a great array of cocktails and the venue itself is sleek and sophisticated. It’s a Yorkshireman fave, and we can’t wait to enjoy an ice-cold beer whilst taking in the view in the summertime. Might even take the Mrs if she’s good. Angelica, Level 6, Trinity, 70 Boar Ln, Leeds, LS1 6HW.

4. North Bar, Leeds

Its industrial stripped-back style is a joy to be among, even before you decide to have a look at the selection of ales on offer. North Bar, owned by North Brew Co., has a great vibe from the moment you step through the door. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a beverage and a popular choice among the people of Leeds. North Bar, 24 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU.

5. Crafthouse, Leeds

Crafthouse is one we are very excited about. It takes your breath away when you step through the door. The bar is a piece of art in itself and the view is a superb backdrop to taste the varied and excellent choice of beverages. They also do some amazing desserts, so be sure to check out their Instagram page before visiting for inspo! Crafthouse, Level 5, Trinity, 70 Boar Ln, Leeds, LS1 6HW.

6. House Of Trembling Madness, York

This venue is York in a nutshell. It celebrates the old-fashioned appeal of York with its nostalgic decor and beautiful architecture. Then, when you take a closer look, it has some tongue-in-cheek fun with the portraits (especially in the men’s toilets), but also puts on some great modern grub and some brilliant ales to make your way through. They also have some interesting gins to try. House of Trembling Madness, 48 Stonegate, York, YO1 8AS.

7. The Hop, York

What’s not to like about The Hop? Live music, high-quality wood-fired pizza and some of the best beers you’ll find in York. The place is huge and in-keeping with York’s historical flair – with a vibe that’s more like a beer hall than a bar thanks to its great long tables and massively high ceiling. Just being in the place is great enjoyment in itself. The Hop, 11-12 Fossgate, York, YO1 9TA.

8. Brew York, York

Brew York is probably the coolest bar in York at the minute. It’s a huge space which is great for enjoying a few drinks with mates. They have so many varieties of beer to try that you couldn’t possibly get through them all in one visit. The decor is hip and the food is proper good grub, so get down and try for yourself. Brew York, Unit 5, Enterprise Complex, Walmgate, York, YO1 9TT.

9. The Forum, Sheffield

Another cool and contemporary offering in Sheffield, The Forum is great – whether you’re going for some food or enjoying a few cheeky cocktails. The food is reasonably priced and they have an array of fresh and classic cocktails to try. If you’re heading to Sheffield anytime soon, we couldn’t recommend it any more! The Forum, 127-129 Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SB.

[Featured image: Crafthouse Leeds]

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