BrewDog Set To Open The UK’s First Beer Drive-Thru

BrewDog Set To Open The UK’s First Beer Drive-Thru

It’s nice the pubs are open, and that the world seems to be slowly heading back to normality. COVID-19 stopped the world in its tracks for over 4 months, and with it came a lot of changes. All pubs closed over the lengthy period, and local breweries pushed new delivery and collection services in a bid to tide themselves over (and supply us with those all-important bevs!).

And now, BrewDog, (who have been stars throughout lockdown) has gone one step further and plans to open the UK’s first-ever beer drive-thru (I can see the queues now). As well as opening in the UK, they are aiming to open in Columbus Ohio, Berlin, Germany and in Brisbane Australia as a part of their commitment to sustainability.

Sharing their plans on social media, the beer experts said: “They will be beer collection points, hubs for electric vehicle deliveries and hubs for closed-loop, zero-waste packaging such as growlers, mini-kegs & returnable bottles.”

This is the Aberdeenshire-based company’s great idea to “find ways to deliver cold, fresh craft beer direct to our customers in a way that is better for the planet.”

It’s this kind of clever thinking that really pushes the boundaries (and makes them ever-popular), and it’s new companies like BrewDog that are singing the sustainability tune, leaving others to follow suit. Hopefully, Yorkshire will see one of these sites, as lord knows we love an ale.

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