‘Dracula’ Is Set For UK Re-Release In Cinemas For Its 30th Anniversary

‘Dracula’ Is Set For UK Re-Release In Cinemas For Its 30th Anniversary

Dracula is synonymous with the seaside town of Whitby, it was a visit to the coastal town that was said to be part of the inspiration for author Bram Stoker’s famous Gothic novel. The novel which has been adapted in various media across time was transformed by Francis Ford Coppola back in 1992 and is being re-released in cinemas to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

Coppola’s version has cinematic royalty in it with the likes of Gary Oldman, Antony Hopkins, Wynona Ryder, Keano Reeves and more. Although not filmed in Yorkshire, the film stays true to the book and you can see how Whitby Abbey’s architecture inspired the novel and then ultimately the film.

Released just in time for the Halloween season this October, you can watch Francis For Coppola’s vampire odyssey in incredible 4k restoration. You can watch one of the best-looking horror movies of the 90s in even more detail this month with elaborate sets, costumes and haunting scores.

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The film is set to return to Cineworld from tomorrow, and you can enjoy some of the most iconic scenes in movie history by some of the best actors to grace the silver screen.

If you’ve seen it before, or you’re new to it, we advise you to get down to your local cinema and give it a watch the Halloween.

Watch Brak Stoker’s Dracula, 1992 trailer below:

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Credit: IMDB

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