This Cosy Robin Hood’s Bay Fisherman’s Cottage Has A Boat As A Bed

This Cosy Robin Hood’s Bay Fisherman’s Cottage Has A Boat As A Bed

Every time we visit Robin Hood’s Bay, there’s one thing I insist on doing: climbing into the higgledy-piggledy hills formed of disorderly cottages, so I can pretend, just for a moment, that I live there.

There’s an essence of mystery behind the quaint doors that embellish the old village for me. And it’s a mystery I finally got to uncover after a stay at the incredibly cosy Green Bank House.

Upon stepping into the cottage, the first mystery was officially solved. That mystery being ‘just how big are the cottages?’. The answer is, far bigger than you could actually imagine.

Check out our visit the Robin Hood Bay stay below:


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♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

Kind of like stepping into a Tardis or Mary Poppin’s bag, what was revealed to us was a spacious living and dining space amplified by a central log-burning fire and stone walls, with plenty of space for snuggling up or entertaining your nearest and dearest.

Credit: Green Bank House

And the pleasant surprises didn’t end there. After resisting the urge to immediately kick off my shoes and curl up on the sofa in front of the fire, we stumbled upon the cottage’s large kitchen, with a classic aga at the heart of it pumping warmth through the veins of the cottage.

Quite possibly the most well-equipped kitchen I’ve ever set foot in, its warming lighting made me actually want to cook, while, of course, roleplaying as the person lucky enough to actually live at the cottage (I, unfortunately, am not).

And while any grown-up would be pretty chuffed with a fully-equipped kitchen, again, the surprises didn’t end there.

Credit: Green Bank House

Clambering up the characteristic, narrow staircase, we found the cottage’s first two bedrooms: a spacious, light and airy double room, and a storybook-like twin room playing on the cottage’s fisherman roots – the latter of which would completely appease any young adventurers in a family.

But thankfully, the fun isn’t only reserved for the kids.

Continuing with the nautical sense of adventure, just outside of the twin bedroom lies a mysterious cupboard door, a door which leads to another narrow staircase – this time, opening out into a huge attic-style room.

Flooded with light coming through a large, colonial window that overlooks the tiered red roofs below, grown-ups uncover a nautical haven when reaching the attic room, with not only a huge bed encased within a fishing boat, but a roll-top tub conveniently placed by the window so guests can soak up the beauty of Robin Hood’s Bay in style.

Credit: Green Bank House

It’s arguably the cottage’s most incredible little secret, which, naturally, you’d never guess from its unassuming exterior.

In addition to the cottage’s snug details and nods to the home’s fishing heritage, Green Bank House is just a two-minute walk from the stunning village centre and the bay’s beach, where you’ll find restaurants, quaint pubs, independent shops, and more.

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[Featured image: Green Bank House]

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