ITV’s Love Island Is Set To Return To Our Screens This June

ITV’s Love Island Is Set To Return To Our Screens This June

The phrase “got a text” will either have you buzzing with excitement or have you diving for the remote. But, love it or hate it, ITV’s Love Island is set to return, so get ready as there isn’t long now.

A launch date for the popular dating show was leaked and according to reports, we only have to wait for ten whole nine weeks and then you can have your summer sorted with the raunchy ITV show for a whole ten weeks.

Yep, in the longest-running series ever, you will either be excited or gutted to hear that it is here for over 2months. Filming for the show, starts in two weeks, according to insiders.

The return date is Monday 6th June according to insiders, and we don’t think it can come soon enough.

The Sun reports that an insider reportedly said: “Love Island is coming back with a bang and it will begin on the second full week in June.

“The schedules are being put together now and fans can expect a long, hot summer of fun from the villa from June 6.

“Filming for the promotional adverts is beginning in the next couple of weeks and the ads will start in May.

“This series is going to be the longest ever and it’s from a brand new location so it’s all very exciting.”

A spokesman for Love Island refused to confirm the rumours, however, simply saying: “It is too early to confirm scheduling for the 2022 series.”

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