This Incredible Halloween House In Leeds Has Residents Flocking To See It

This Incredible Halloween House In Leeds Has Residents Flocking To See It

Halloween fanatics assemble! This house in Leeds is the most spectacular spooky display you’ll see – so much so that the house has been named the Halloween House.

Home to Stephen Audsley, the Gildersom residence in Leeds is filled with scarily amazing props that are visited by residents each year.

Leeds Halloween House

The garden has been transformed into the graveyard of the dead full of headstones, skeletons, cobwebs and one massive spider that would scare the heebees out of any passersby.

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The fence is decorated with skeletons, pumpkins, a huge spider and a grim reaper looking out over the fence at people walking by. If you were just wandering the house would give you a bloomin’ big fright that’s for sure.

Leeds Halloween House

There are also gargoyles and what looks like a headless horseman carrying a pumpkin – we have to say it’s very impressive!

Audsley has really gotten into the spirit of things and has created something that we are sure the locals will really enjoy.

Check out this video of the Leeds Halloween House below:

The Leeds man’s house when viral on the local Facebook group Leedsplace and other social media – and it’s easy to see why.

Yorkshire Post reported that the display will be on until Wednesday, so make sure you don’t miss it! They gave the postcode LS27 7HA. And, he’s also taking donations with any money raised will be either to support a charity or a food bank this year.

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Feature Image Credit: Stephen Audsley

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