Leeds To York Train Tickets Have Been Reduced To £2.80 In A Massive Sale

Leeds To York Train Tickets Have Been Reduced To £2.80 In A Massive Sale

Looking to get away, but is the cost of living limiting your options? Well, train tickets will be lowered by up to half in April and May. The news comes as the government works on ways to lessen the burden by offering cheap train travel.

Over one million train ticket prices will be lowered in spring, the Transport secretary announced. The sale is known as the Great British Rail Sale.

Credit: Northern Rail

The hope from the Department of Transport is that these measures will help harder pressed families to be able to afford trips across the UK for staycation holidays. They want to restore train travel numbers to pre-pandemic levels with this deal of up to %50 off tickets.

The Great British Rail Sale includes trips from York to Leeds for just £2.80, which has been reduced from £5.60 for a single train journey.

Grant Shapps, the transport secretary said: “For the first time ever, operators across the rail industry are coming together to help passengers facing rising costs of living by offering up to 50% off more than a million tickets on journeys across Britain.

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Credit: Photo © El Pollock (cc-by-sa/2.0)

“There’s no better time to visit friends, family or just explore our great country, so book your tickets today.”

If you’d like to snap up these cheap train tickets, they are on sale now on a first-come-first-serve basis and available for the journey from 25th April to 27th May.

You can get your tickets online from participating retailers.

The ‘Great British Rail Sale’ has been criticised for a number of reasons, the most serious of which is that it does not aid commuters who are experiencing rising travel costs.

Louise Haigh, the shadow transport secretary said the discounts will be a “small comfort to passengers” after years of “soaring fares”.

Adding, “A decade of brutal Tory fare hikes have priced people off our railways.”

“This temporary respite will be small comfort to passengers who had thousands taken out of their pockets from soaring fares since 2010.

“And the decision to end the sale just before half-term will mean many families face the same punishing costs over the holidays.”

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Feature Image Credit: Photo © El Pollock (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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