This Fantasy Map Of A Possible Underground Train In West Yorkshire Is Fantastic

This Fantasy Map Of A Possible Underground Train In West Yorkshire Is Fantastic

If you’ve lived in Leeds, then you’ll be well aware of how much of a nightmare it is to commute to work each day via public transport. 

If you’re not getting crammed next to the old rickety trains like sardines then you’re missing your bus that may or may not have come early or late. Well, one Reddit user has come up with a Leeds Underground idea that looks great.

Credit: Unsplash

Posting to Reddit user TWWild_ created his impression of what an underground in the Leeds city area in West Yorkshire would look like, and we have to say we are impressed with his ideas. Get this down south to those ministers talking about levelling up the north.

He wrote: “Fantasy map of a potential underground system I designed for Leeds and the rest of West Yorkshire. Now we only need a few £100bn to make it happen. Thoughts?”

Another user wrote: “Good, nice design, but the names are a bit long in some places. If there’s anything I’ve learned from riding the Tube it’s that underground station names should be purely fantasy and relate in no way to the world above.”

Users were quick to praise the map writing: “The Calder Line would be a huge boost for Yorkshire tourism; allowing folks to see the glittering avenues and promenades of Cas Vegas and Ponte Carlo.”

Leeds Underground Map
Credit: Unsplash

Some users think the map needs work with Roundhay, Ilkley and Otley not featuring along the route. Obviously this was made for fun, but it’s nice to imagine the North being able to zip about in minutes from one side to another like the London Underground users get to.

Obviously this is all fantasy but Yorkshire Underground has a great ring to it.

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