Leeds United Is Now Selling Protective Coronavirus Face Masks

Leeds United Is Now Selling Protective Coronavirus Face Masks
Never ones to miss an opportunity!

The footie is back! Two months of patience has paid off, but unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t quite left us and there are still lockdown measures in place – one of which is to wear face masks when on public transport. So, keeping us footie fans emblazoned with our favourite team, Leeds United have fixed this fashion faux pas with their newly designed Leeds United face mask!

As much as it is (quite clearly) a merchandising opportunity, it’s also a great way to show support for one of our region’s top teams during the pandemic. And they definitely don’t break the bank either, ringing it at just £6 each. Even if it’s just for a laugh.

Credit: Leeds United

The face masks don the club’s famous colours, as well as the team’s badge bang in the middle – which’d be easy to spot from a mile away. A great way to stop the spread of COVID-19, the masks completely cover your nose and mouth, helping to stop the spread of the virus by catching any droplets and preventing you from touching your face. The government has encouraged people to wear the masks outside of the house, whether of medical grade or not, as a safety precaution while travelling. We just think it’s a bonus that you get to support your local club also.

Leeds return to the pitch on the 20 June, so Leeds United supporters can ditch the scarves, and grab themselves a brand new COVID mask. The uber-stylish masks have currently been disabled from the online shop, however, keep your eyes peeled for its return.

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