Liz Truss Pledges Action To ‘Protect’ Doncaster Sheffield Airport From Closure

Liz Truss Pledges Action To ‘Protect’ Doncaster Sheffield Airport From Closure

Truss, our newly appointed prime minister pledged to ‘protect’ Doncaster Sheffield Airport with its future remaining uncertain after a six-week consultation period.

Some experts believed the DSA airport could close at the end of summer in October as this would give the airlines time to notify passengers and make arrangements for this holding tickets.

Peel Group said the business may no longer be viable, which has led to a huge campaign to save the region’s airport with thousands signing a petition to save it.

Don Valley MP Nick Fletcher asked the prime minister in her first question time to write to the Major of South Yorkshire, Oliver Coppard and Peel Group to “remind them of their duties, powers and responsibilities”.

He said: “Will [the prime minister] use the full weight of her office on these decision-makers so as to keep our Doncaster Sheffield Airport open?”

Truss responded by saying she had already asked the new transport secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, to contact South Yorkshire officials to discuss the airport’s future.

Ms Truss said: “Regional airports, including Doncaster Sheffield, are a vital part of our economic growth. “[Ms Trevelyan] is already contacting the people in Doncaster and Sheffield to make sure that we do protect this airport and we protect that vital infrastructure and connectivity that helps our economy grow.”

Formerly known as Robin Hood Airport, the airport can be found near Doncaster and serves around 1.4 million passengers a year and flies to 54 destinations worldwide.

Mr Kennan, transport and environment board member of the Local Enterprise Partnership, says that the airlines have an obligation to the passengers including paying for a seat with another firm.

He said: “The last week in October, which is the end of the official summer season, is the earliest that anything could actually happen.

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