Make McDonald’s Big Mac At Home With One Pound Meals Chef’s Simple Recipe

Make McDonald’s Big Mac At Home With One Pound Meals Chef’s Simple Recipe
And it only costs a pound, winner!

KFC, McDonald’s, Five Guys, Burger King and any other of the nation’s favourite fast food places are being missed, massively, at the moment. Weekends are not the same without a little treat to look forward to. So, to make sure you get your fix, we have scoured the internet to find the best hacks, tricks and how-to guides to gift you with the simplest Big Mac recipe out there.

We have been searching high and low for a decent Big Mac video. And, believe us, there are many, many bad ones out there. Some are over-complicated and some look more like a big flop than the Big Mac we all love. But we believe we have found the best one that is simple and manageable for almost anyone to recreate.

After looking into it a little more, we found One Pound Meal Instagram. And, from some research on the YouTube page as well it seems that he worked with McDonald’s in partnership to recreate the One Pound Version of the nation’s favourite burger.

As well as his Big Mac recreation this One Pound Meal page has lots of creative ways to get cooking that won’t break the bank, so we highly recommend looking into it, but for now, get stuck into this simple version of the Big Mac recipe.

Miguel, the One Pound Chef, gives a simple method in the caption saying: “It’s just mince beef, nothing else (season it at the end). The sauce is made with a squeeze of mayo, American mustard, ketchup (I didn’t have any ketchup) and tarragon.

“I know the real sauce recipe from McDonalds states that there is no tarragon, but it has chopped up pickles, and I’m sure those pickles are flavoured with a tarragon infused brine, and that is why it is my secret ingredient. Trust me. This is as close as it gets to the original thing.”

His YouTube version was made in collaboration with McDonald’s and is a longer-form edit. So it may be better for anyone that needs a little more guidance.

We thank Miguel for this brilliant video and hope you all give it a go. It is a cheeky alternative to a classic and even if you don’t think it matches the Big Mac standards it still makes for a tasty offering.

[Featured image: McDonald’s]

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