Morrisons Take On 500 Charity Shop Staff In A Bid To Help Elderly And Vulnerable

Morrisons Take On 500 Charity Shop Staff In A Bid To Help Elderly And Vulnerable
News that melts your heart!

In a bid to help the elderly and vulnerable, West-Yorkshire based Morrisons have taken on 500 charity shop workers. They intend to assist the elderly and vulnerable in their shopping and at the checkouts.

Chief executive of Morrisons, David Potts, said how it is a “ a very challenging time for charities and we want to do our bit to help.” In this challenging time it is great to see such community spirit especially towards those most vulnerable.

Taking colleagues from Marie Curie and CLIC Sargent charity shops, whose shops are likely to close due to the coronavirus escalation. These workers will be a great help to those that are most vulnerable at this critical time. They will be able to help in ensuring that vital food items are getting to the most vulnerable. This can be helping at checkouts or by taking items to food banks and other charities in need of supplies.

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A statement read “Morrisons said it would welcome other charity shops workers who might be looking for temporary employment. These highly valued colleagues would continue to work the same hours and receive the same pay and conditions.”

Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of Marie Curie, said on the subject of the care of people at the end of their lives that “nurses and doctors continue to care for people at the end of the lives. As we face into this national emergency, communities, business and charities need to work together more than ever.

“To see such swift and compassionate action from Morrisons to not only support our staff, but pool our resources to support the wider community, is truly overwhelming as we work together as part of the COVID19 national response.”

We look forward to seeing more and more inspirational stories from those out there that are true heroes. In such times of hardship we need to band together and ensure that those that struggle to take care of themselves do not go without.

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