Yorkshire Seaside Fish & Chips Have Been Named Best In The UK

Yorkshire Seaside Fish & Chips Have Been Named Best In The UK

Another survey, and yet another time when Yorkshire chippies have outshined the rest of the country. This summer has seen Brits head out on staycations all across the country, and Yorkshire’s seaside towns have risen above all the rest in the research done by Hertz.

Credit: Drake’s Fisheries

The car company analysed over 200 seaside towns in the UK to find out the highest commended places to enjoy the nation’s favourite cuisine. Scarborough topped the list with Whitby in second and Bridlington in sixth place.

Scarborough made the top spot for having 33 out of 67 chippies with a rating of 4.5 stars and higher with three managing to secure the full 5 stars. Whitby, which came in second, had 30 chippies out of 68 with a rating of 68 and higher. Whilst Bridlington had 23 with a rating of 4.5 out of 45.

Credit: Royal Fisheries

With those numbers, you know that you’re guaranteed a decent chippy along the Yorkshire coast, which is why it proves popular with tourists looking for a beach holiday in the UK every year.

David Hayward, general manager at Hertz, said: “With so many Brits’ looking to spend their summer holidaying across the UK again this year, we wanted to conduct the research to help visitors enjoy the best fish and chips around.

“We hope this research helps provide some inspiration on the best places to stay this Summer.”

If you’re looking for some decent fish & chips on your next trip up north, or just wanting to explore new chippies in the area for a chippy tea, check out our list for some of the best North Yorkshire chippies below. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Feature Image Credit: Cave Street Fisheries/ Drake’s Fisheries

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