Huge Queues At Primark As Stores Re-Open For The First Time In Months

Huge Queues At Primark As Stores Re-Open For The First Time In Months

As expected, huge queues have been forming outside stores, as non-essential shops have been allowed to open for the first time since the March 23.

The economy has taken a huge hit after the pandemic swept the nation, with worries of a second wave hitting the UK – but, it seems after weeks trying to prevent just that, people can’t wait to hit the high street again and browse the shops. Queues are reported to have begun forming outside of Primark at 7:30am, with customers wanting to be first to be served. Larger stores across the UK even saw people camping outside, desperate to get their hands on some 50p socks and £2 leggings (we presume).

If Twitter is anything to go by, it looks like the high street is in for a busy day.

Members of the public have been sharing images of people waiting to shop in Primark hours before the stores open – despite increased restrictions for those who do enter stores. Non-essential shops have been forced to implement new processes, such as reduced numbers of shoppers in-store, social distancing at all times, and of course, increased cleaning for hygiene throughout the day.

The re-opening of non-essential stores has been met with a ton of criticism for those who want to visit their families, and whether this will be a smart move or not, only time will tel – as many shops expect to see queues similar to that of the opening of KFC, McDonald’s and IKEA over the past few weeks.

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