Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted One Of The Top 10 Sexiest Accents In The UK

Yorkshire Accent Has Been Voted One Of The Top 10 Sexiest Accents In The UK
Hang that flat cap on the door and get chattin' your lass up...

“Ee-by-gum duck”… “Pop t’shop will ya love?”… Who’d have known there’d be people across the UK dropping their pants over our often-mocked local dialect? Well, turns out they do – because the Yorkshire accent has been named one of the sexiest in the UK, so hang that flat cap on the door and get chattin’ yer lass up tonight, Yorkshiremen…

It’s no secret Britain is one of the most varied countries in the world when it comes to accents, with 56 recognised accents across the UK and Ireland. That’s a whole lotta accents (and I can only do the bloomin’ one!).


In a bid to find out exactly which region truly had the best one though, Big 7 took to their audience and asked… Which is the sexiest (and least sexy) accent in the UK?

The results were pretty surprising to be fair as the last thing i’d be able to understand is a Scouser telling me to grab my coat cos i’ve pulled… But nevertheless, here’s the official list of the UK’s sexiest accents, according to 7 Travel:

  1. Essex
  2. Northern Irish
  3. Glaswegian
  4. Queen’s English
  5. Mancunian
  6. Scouse
  7. Geordie
  8. South Welsh Valleys
  9. Yorkshire
  10. Cockney

We’ve definitely been done over a bit with the number 9 ranking, but let’s face it… No one can charm someone with a Yorkshire pud and a brew like a Yorkshireman can. We’re the real winners here.

In case you wanted to see who the least sexy Brits were… List below (not chuffed t’bits about the South Yorkshire inclusion, like).

50. Brummie
49. Gloucestershire (West Country)
48. Hull City
47. West Country
46. Wolverhampton (Black Country)
45. Bristol
44. Cornish
43. Cheshire
42. Salford
41. Sheffield (South Yorkshire)

[Featured image: ITV]

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