Pubs Could Be Ordered To Close At 9pm If Brits Don’t Follow Rule Of 6

Just when we were sitting smugly thinking the Rule of Six didn’t affect us because, well, we don’t have five friends – it turns out others might just be able to spoil it for us after all – with reports now claiming pubs could face a curfew if Brits don’t start behaving.

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The news comes as thousands flouted the new ‘Rule of Six’ just yesterday, flocking to the beaches to enjoy the sunshine. Just last week, threats were made that pubs could be forced to close at 10pm in a bid to curb the virus – however, new reports suggest that a curfew for 9pm could be implemented as Ministers arrange an eleventh-hour meeting to discuss the rising cases. Though the threat is not “imminent”, a source has revealed that the new curfew is very much “actively under consideration”. A Whitehall source also told The Sunday Telegraph that blanket pub curfews could come into place, saying: “If the rate is so concerning across the whole of England we are prepared to do it on a blanket basis.”

Sir Mark Walport, the former chief scientific adviser, expressed his concerns around the growing cases in the country, urging people to work from home if they could and claiming the UK was “on the edge of losing control” of the virus.

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A number of pubs across the UK have taken drastic measures to avoid the industry facing the blame, with many – including a pub in East Leeds – banning under 25s from their premises on certain days and times. The bans come following a Commons meeting with Matt Hancock, where he blamed young people for the recent spike in cases – saying that visiting pubs and socialising were key factors in the increase.

The ‘Rule of Six’ came into place just yesterday, with the government placing legislation on the new COVID-19 regulation. Boris Johnson said of the current events: “We need to act now to stop the virus spreading. So we are simplifying and strengthening the rules on social contact – making them easier to understand and for the police to enforce.”

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