Roast Potatoes Have Been Voted The Best Part Of A Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner is hailed as the greatest meal of the year! It’s the one time of year that everyone gets together and feasts on delectables that are sure to make you loosen the belt a few notches. So much prep goes into the big day, and making everything taste delicious, it can be hard to decide which of the trimmings is the best part of Christmas Dinner.

Credit: Pixabay

Is it the gravy? Every Yorkshireman loves his gravy. There is not much food out there that couldn’t be improved wi’ a bit of thick gravy. “Has thou nout moist?” Is the Yorkshire cry when down South trying to get a decent fish & chips, only to find they “Don’t do gravy”.

Or is it the Yorkshire puds? Does a Yorkshire pud belong on a plate? We’ve heard many an argument down the local about whether it deserves its place. We know our opinion on the subject…

Credit: Pixabay

Well, Matalan surveyed a range of people to find the Nation’s favourite trimmings on a Yorkshire dinner, and the results are in. 65% of people rate roast potatoes as their number one trimming as a part of their Crimbo dinner, and the glorious Yorkshire pudding came in 6th place, beaten by Brussel sprouts. Sacrilege! 

Check out the full list below:

  1. 65% Roast Potatoes
  2. 56% Gravy
  3. 51% Stuffing
  4. 49% Pigs in blankets
  5. 43% Brussel Sprouts
  6. 43% Yorkshire Puddings
  7. 41% Roast Parsnips
  8. 31% Roast Carrots
  9. 31% Peas
  10. 29% Broccoli

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