Asda Launches Amazing Pigs In Blankets Range For Christmas

Asda Launches Amazing Pigs In Blankets Range For Christmas

Less than a month until Christmas, and we are getting excited. The best part of Crimbo is the food, and more specifically, the pigs in blankets. Ps in Bs are the tastiest thing on a Christmas dinner, and Asda has created a whole range of 7 variations of them for you guys to try.

Credit: Asda

Think you can handle the spice? This year Asda has added Carolina reaper chillies that are wrapped in the finest oak smoked streaky bacon to pigs in blankets and created a treat that sounds too hot to handle. Reckon you can take the heat of these bad boys? Then get yours these Double Chilli Pigs in Blankets £2.25 at any Asda supermarket.

As well as their Caroline reaper pigs in blankets, Asda has also made Party Pigs in Blankets for only £2.50, that will be the show stopper at any family buffet. These little mini pigs in blankets are the perfect little nibble and surely won’t last long.

Credit: Asda

One of our favourites in Asdas range is the Pig-in-Blanket Sausage Roll. As a Yorkshireman, these beautiful sausages, bacon wrapped in puff pastry sounds scrumptious, and are made fresh for a fiver.

Perfect for P & B lovers with a sweet tooth, these Candied ones are an unusual treat that we are sure you will enjoy for only £1.40. They also have in the range Pigs in Blankets flavoured peanuts, and crisps.

Creit: Asda

Frozen Category Planner at Asda, Loretta Briggs, comments: “We know that Pigs in Blankets are a firm festive favourite with our customers, and this year we wanted to expand our range to become the one stop shop for the nation’s favourite trimming.”

“From lunchtime snacks to stand-out sides our extensive Pigs in Blankets range offers high quality festive flavours, and great value products for all the family to enjoy this Christmas.”

We are drooling.

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