You Can Now Get Glitter Gravy To Make Your Christmas Dinner Extra Special

You Can Now Get Glitter Gravy To Make Your Christmas Dinner Extra Special
Just when you thought gravy couldn't get any better...

Just when you thought gravy couldn’t possibly get any better (because it didn’t need to)… Someone has invented glitter gravy to pimp your Christmas dinner with.

Popaball, a company that sells products specifically to pimp your drink with shimmery powders and glitters, has come up with a brand new product designed to make your Christmas dinner extra special this year.

Forming part of their Christmas collection, the Pop-a-Bauble is filled up with enough gravy granules to serve 12 people, and already includes the glitter wizardry – so all you have to do is pour in boiling water, stir and serve like you would with good old Bisto. You can even hang it on your tree til the big day. Clever, huh?

The bauble is re-useable, so no need to throw it out when you’re done. You can simply top it up with gin or a cheeky bev of your choice and pop it back on the tree next year.

Other new products to look out for in Popaball’s Christmas range is their pre-shimmered gin liquers, all as festive as ever in colours such as rose gold, violet-gold and a gorgeous crystal gold with flakes – as well as a variety of shimmery syrup flavours that can be added to gin, prosecco or whatever takes your fancy.

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