Terry’s Toffee-Flavoured Chocolate Orange Is Now A Thing – And It Sounds Amazing

Terry’s Toffee-Flavoured Chocolate Orange Is Now A Thing – And It Sounds Amazing

Whilst everyone else is jumping on the chocolate orange trend, the OG, Terry’s, is looking ahead with its new flavour that sounds absolutely delicious. Terry’s Chocolate Orange Toffee sounds like a bit of us, and we can’t wait to try it. With Terry’s originally being from Yorkshire, we are a little biased.

Credit: Mr P’s Corner Shop

Some would say that Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a product that is perfect and doesn’t need to mess with, and we might have said the same, but this new toffee addition seems like the most moreish thing ever.

We spotted them on our favourite new food Instagram channel NewfoodsUK. They posted to their Instagram with the caption: “What’s better than a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? Terry’s Chocolate Orange with Toffee Pieces in it! Yes, this is an actual thing, and it is so good!”

The new chocolate orange is a twist on the original, with the beautiful chocolate filled with chunks of amazing toffee pieces inside.

You cannot get this choco in the supermarkets, but you can get them online. There is a range of online UK stores selling these chocs – one of which is Mr P’s Corner Shop, and they’re selling the chocolate for £5.50, which is a little pricier than the normal chocolate orange but is totally worth it for a special treat.

Hopefully, its popularity will make the chocolatiers that were originally based in York, North Yorkshire launch them nationwide in the UK.

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Feature Image Credit: Mr P’s Corner Shop/ NewfoodsUK