Millions Of UK Folk Invited To Live & Work In Australia

Millions Of UK Folk Invited To Live & Work In Australia

As of Saturday 1st July the Australian Government amending its Working Holiday Visa, meaning that some 16 million people from across the UK could make the move to Australia. If you can ever imagine a world outside of Yorkshire, then this could be an option for you.

The government increased the maximum age limit for a Working Holiday Visa so that those aged between 18-35 from the UK can now travel to live and work down under.

There are many benefits to a life in the southern hemisphere including the sunshine – 2,800 hours of annual sunshine – and surf to be had along Australia’s beaches.

For those looking to head to Australia the Working Holiday Visa gives professionals the chance to experience Oz for up to three years.

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The maximum age limit increased by five years from aged 30 previously to aged 35 now being eligible for the visa.

On top of the sunshine, 27% of UK folk chose to move for the lifestyle, 23% for new experiences are some of the other reasons.

Sally Cope, Tourism Australia’s Regional General Manager for UK & Northern Europe, thinks that the five-year age range increase presents a “world of openings to young professionals and also offers an incredible lifestyle with Australia ready to welcome them”.

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