The Flying Scotsman Set To Visit Its Birthplace, Doncaster In 2023 After U-turn

The Flying Scotsman Set To Visit Its Birthplace, Doncaster In 2023 After U-turn

The Flying Scotsman is celebrating its centenary year in 2023 and is taking a tour of a range of locations. It was built in Doncaster at the huge LNER works known as the plant back in 1923.

Now owned by the National Railway Museum in York, the schedule initially didn’t include the city of Doncaster in which it was created, but that has now been corrected with it added to the tour.

NRM bosses said it was due to ‘conservation limits’ and operational restrictions in place to ensure the 100-year-old locomotive’s commitments are carefully managed as the reason Doncaster was missed off.

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Although a date hasn’t been announced it is said to most likely to travel along the East Coast Main Line from York to Doncaster Station.

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The city’s major Ros Jones said this has now been corrected saying: “The Flying Scotsman is coming home! We have been in discussions with National Railway Museum for over a year to get the most famous locomotive in the world to visit its birthplace of Doncaster as part of its centenary celebrations.

“The Flying Scotsman was built here in Doncaster, it means a great deal to the people of Doncaster whose relatives helped design and build her. It will be incredible to see her return home as part of its centenary year. The logistics are complex and we will give an update when we can.”

The locomotive’s last visit to Doncaster its birthplace back in 1963 and the NRM celebrated its visit to Doncaster posting: “The National Railway Museum is committed to getting Flying Scotsman to Doncaster as part of its centenary celebrations. We have been working with Doncaster Council and other partners for over a year to arrange a visit.”

The train won’t be stopping but will pass through Doncaster as part of several steam charter journeys booked this year. Find out more via the National Railway Museum website here.

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