A Giant Eye Visible From Google Earth Is Being Created In North Yorkshire

A Giant Eye Visible From Google Earth Is Being Created In North Yorkshire

The Yorkshire landscape is getting a makeover in the form of an image of a giant child’s eye made from a variety of trees in a bid to combat climate change – and it will be visible on Google Earth.

Known as the Forest Eye, it will be created in Dalby Forest near Pickering from 5,000 beech trees, as well as maple and alder trees. The child’s eye creation will be 300 metres (984ft) wide when it is complete.

The Forest Eye is a unique, living forest feature that aims to highlight the importance of ensuring a healthy natural world for future generations to enjoy and look after.

The Forest Eye North Yorkshire
Credit: Forest England

Forest Eye, which schoolchildren began planting this week, is being created by installation specialists Sand In Your Eye, in partnership with Forestry England and the Environment Agency. The installation will take six years to grow and should be in place for 100 years.

The aim of the eye in the forest is to draw attention to climate change showing the role the forest has in helping to tackle it.

Sand In Your Eye’s Jamie Wardley said: “This really is about inspiration. It’s about changing. The children here today are the generation that’s going to be affected by climate change.

lan Eaves from Forestry England said “It’s all about having a conversation about climate change and the devastation of biodiversity and creating resilient forests. It’s all about engaging with people.”

“It’s not just art for art’s sake – although there’s nothing wrong with that. All of the works engage with the environment, the place.”

Mr Eaves added: “That’s why it’s so important engage with children because they are going to be ones who are going to have to deal things in the future.

“It’s a fantastic idea – a child’s eye looking out, looking out at what we’re doing for the future.”

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