Gordon’s Is Releasing A New Mediterranean Orange Flavoured Gin Just In Time For Summer

The Easter bank holiday is underway and is, we imagine, not how people planned to be spending it. Gordon’s have chosen the perfect moment to give consumers something a little treat with their new delicious Mediterranean orange flavoured gin. This zesty treat sounds particularly appealing under the current circumstances!

Not only has Gordon treated us to a beautiful Gin offering, but they have had the good grace to recommend the perfect way to drink their orange flavoured beverage.

They recommend serving this new drink over ice with a decent serving of tonic water. They have said that you should pour 50ml of their gin on top of the ice cubes with 150ml of your chosen tonic. Finishing with orange and a sprig of Rosemary before giving a final stir. Sounds very similar to a Jamie Oliver recipe, where you have nothing but a can of spam in the cupboard.

As those of you scramble in the back of your fridge, searching for rogue sprigs of rosemary leftover from Christmas, we recommend scrapping that idea and finding a nice pint glass pouring the Gin into. And, find any kind of fizzy offering the kids haven’t drunk to accompany. 

The new gin will be available from May 26th so you will have to deal with whatever you have in the cupboards for the minute. It will be limited edition offering so make sure you get down to your local store as they will disappear quicker than toilet roll.

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Author: The Yorkshireman

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