The Man With The ‘World’s Biggest Penis’ Leaves Phillip Schofield Speechless On This Morning

The Man With The ‘World’s Biggest Penis’ Leaves Phillip Schofield Speechless On This Morning

Yep, this is what happens whilst we are at work. Many of you out there who have had a sick day know that This Morning is a must, and baa, it doesn’t half have some strange stuff on it. This week the daytime show This Morning had American actor Jonah Falcon on the show who claims to have “the world’s biggest penis” – and the ITV show had him on to discuss it.

The actor who claims he gets stopped in the street with people wanting to see his 13.5-inch penis says it has had a huge impact on his life in many ways including his ability to travel. The American told Phillip and Josie, who was in for Holly, about an incident where he was stopped at airport security due to his “unusually large package.”

He explained: “It has gotten me into trouble at airport security, I have learnt to strap it a bit now but I once had it hanging at the side of my leg, and was stopped and asked if I had a tumour.”

Credit: ITV

He added: ““The best thing about having a large penis is that I don’t have insecurity, I’m insecure about other things but that’s not one of them.”

Josie Gibson asked: “You have had a few Hollywood partners, I know you are not allowed to say but do you get that a lot?”

To which he replied: “Here’s the thing, a large majority are just very well known, not necessarily Hollywood. As a matter of fact, a big chunk of them come from the British Isles.”

Phillip Schofield added: “Do they contact you?”

He went on to say how: “It’s a real compliment when porn actors and actresses say I’m bigger than all of the partners they’ve had.

Credit: ITV

“They view me as the biggest and you have to remember they’ve seen a lot – so they know.”

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