Five Sheep Have Been Rescued Off Yorkshire Roof

Five Sheep Have Been Rescued Off Yorkshire Roof

After leaping across a gap from a neighbouring field, five sheep had to be rescued from a rooftop in West Yorkshire. On Tuesday, firefighters were dispatched to Barnsley Road in Newmillerdam, near Wakefield, when the animals became stranded.

Mr Cameron, a technical rescue officer, and a nearby farmer built a makeshift bridge to assist the sheep in getting to safety. According to West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, one woolly jumper plunged into the void, followed by the others.

Credit: WYFRS

Posting the news to Twitter they wrote: “Ph-ewe – this was a close shave!

“Our Tech Rescue Officer’s specialist animal husbandry training came in handy when he rescued these sheep from a roof after they’d leapt onto it from a neighbouring field.

“Baaa-rmy behaviour! #MoreThanJustFires

We do love a good pun. Locals were quick to share their own on the post with one person writing: “That’s what I call a woolly jumper!”

Another person wrote: “Sheep really do love a bit of parkour.”

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Feature Image Credit: WYFRS

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